The publisher or artist starts to develop an artist’s book project. If is is a publisher, an artist is chosen. The concept of the work is developed. Research is done on the following important questions :  who will be collector of such a work of art? how many copies should be in the edition? where will the book be sold? what will be the approximate selling price of the book? what is the budget? These questions are important to answer before starting an artist’s book project.


The publisher or artist /publisher contacts us after these first steps of reflection.
In our first meeting, we will discuss the artist and his work, the concept of the book, and the budget of the project. We will then be able to make an estimate for our intervention on the prototyping phase, as well as a rough estimate on the production of the series.


The prototyping phase combines designing the book and creating a finished prototype. The design work is done in collaboration with the publisher or artist and his team (printers, writers, etc).  We will research materials and techniques, send presentation drawings, and create a final estimate of the production of book series. After the design is finalized, a finished prototype is created which will serve for the production of the series.


After the prototype is validated, the production of the series may begin. A deposit will requested at the beginning of this phase, and the balance will be due at delivery time.